Ground Floor Rear and Side Extension and Loft Conversion ( Phase2)

Status: In progress

Location: London KT12 Surrey 

Scope of works: Rear&Side Ground Floor Extension, and Loft Conversion ( Phase 2) 

This is a semi-detached house in the county of Surrey. The main objectives are to increase the area of the house and to create an open-plan design on the ground floor, where the dining-room, kitchen and lounge will be inter-connected, and will look out onto the garden. It is also intended to make a loft conversion to house the master bedroom, which will have views of the horizon. The result will be an increase of more than 25% in the property’s usable area.

Existing volume, 4 Bedrooms 220m2

Existing habitable space, 220m2 (2370 sq ft)

Proposed habitable space, 5 Bedrooms, 220m2 +58m2 (624sq ft)

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